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Darul Uloom Asadya is a famous Islamic Institute located at Khiriband in Bhagalpur (Bihar) which has been conducting religious and social services for around twelve years. A large number of Mahmanan-e-Rasool S.A.W. (Students) are getting their Islamic education as well as modern education under prevalence of experienced and qualified teachers and there are more than 200 students live in hostel whose all the requirements like living room, food, education, books, treatment, clothing and other necessity are managed by Darul Uloom Asadya by the institute.
The annual budget of this institute is more than 4 million Indian Rupees. The construction project of madrasa is water over head tank, generator room, mess (kitchen), dining hall and computer room. Estimated cost of these construction project are about 40 million INR. A very big and beautiful Masjid named “Masjid-e-Aayesha” is also under construction in the campus of Madrasa. Till now about 3 million INR are spent upon this masjid and completion of this masjid is possible only with the help of Allah and contribution of all Muslim brothers In Sha Allah. We request all Muslim brothers to contribute and donate for this Madrasa. May Allah give you best reward in Aakhirat. Aameen!

(Maulana) Muhammad Zahid Halimi Qasmi