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Darul Uloom Asadya

Darul Uloom Asadya is a famous Islamic Institute located at Khiriband in Bhagalpur (Bihar) which has been conducting religious and social services for around twelve years. A large number of Mahmanan-e-Rasool S.A.W. (Students) are getting their Islamic education as well as modern education under prevalence of experienced and qualified teachers and there are more than 200 students live in hostel whose all the requirements like living room, food, education, books, treatment, clothing and other necessity are managed by Darul Uloom Asadya by the institute. Read More >>>

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Darul Uloom Asadya At A Glance

» Year Of Established : 19' Rabi Al Awwal Hizri according to 23' April 2006 C.E.
» Founder & Director : Hazrat Maulana Mohd Zahid Halimi Sb. Qasmi
» First Patron : Hazrat Maulana Ameen Ahamd Chaturwedi Sahab
» Second Patron: Hazrat Alhaj Maulana Mohd Halimuddin Sb Califh Hazrat Maulana Shah Ahmad Nasar Sb. Banarasi
» Courses : Nazrah, Hifz, Urdu & Deeniyat, Computer Course, Modern Eduction upto 5th class
» Total Students : 350           » Hosteler : 210           » Teachers & Staff : 16
» Annual Expense : 39,21,944 (2017-18)
» Annual Budget : 42,00,000 (For 2018-19)

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